Our strength lies in our capability to improve business's performance, provide training for a successful business strategy and resources for a successful business. Running a business is not easy. With Nagida Limited, you will learn solutions to common HR management challenges. We believe each company is unique and so one-size-fits-all approaches hinder a business to reach its full potential. So, maximise your Business Performance through our HR Planning, Staff Forecasting, Business Process Improvement, Business Requirement and Training Initiatives. 

We aim to manage our client’s human resource on a consultancy basis and provide services that are cost-effective, realistic and commercially focused. We will evaluate the state of the current economy and design competitive strategic solutions to enable our clients to exploit opportunities for progression and minimise risk at a time of uncertainty and unpredictability. We can help business owners develop a solid foundation and business strategy so they can be successful. We will work with Directors to shape sustainable business growth through our unique HR Solutions. Hire us today and bene t from our HR management consulting expertise and enjoy great customer service.


We’re in business as an HR Consultancy because of our clear Mission. Our Vision provides a direction and focuses for us to ultimately achieve our business purpose. Shaping our company culture, character and also guiding our decisions and how we serve our clients and colleagues are three core corporate values that we believe in. Our goal is to grow profitability, maximize net income and improve customer loyalty. Our Objectives are the steps we will take to reach our goal, and we strive to make that happen.